Imagine showing up on your wedding day with confidence and peace of mind. You arrive with a big smile on your face because you are about to marry the love of your life and celebrate with people who matter to you most. 

Yet, leading up to your special day you feel anxious about putting on a production that is picture perfect. Expectations are high followed by fear presenting itself in the form of being a perfectionist and people pleaser. Then you also realize, oh shit there is a lot of people I need to manage and need to become an effective leader overnight!

I'm here to tell you this. You ARE a beautiful mess and that is what makes you insanely human and real. Who wouldn't have some level of anxiety doing something you have never done before. You don't have to pretend to have it together all the time.  Yes, I know it is easier said than done, but give yourself permission to do so. Nothing beautiful gets created without some level of discomfort or change. You are completely normal.

My advice is to slow down and just think about the big picture. Look at who will all be there to bring your vision to life and celebrate with you. You have selected your wedding party, creative team, family (I guess you don't get to select here as much), and guests for a reason. Let your wedding party show you their love by supporting along the way. For your creative team, communicate with them your vision and let them do what they do best on your wedding day. For family, just count your blessings. =) And of course, for all your guests who show up to celebrate for the right grateful.

If you can step back and see the big picture, then you will be able to have greater peace of mind to be present (see my learnings from Eckhart Tolle's retreat showing up?). Moments of joy exist every step of the way, you just have to slow down to experience it.  Let's keep exploring together.

Happy Planning!!

With gratitude,