It is a lifestyle.

If you invite me crabbing, this will happen. The planner and stylist in me comes out without a care in the world. I start gathering everything I can to help create an enjoyable experience. It usually involves food somehow. I can't throw everything in a grocery bag and just go. I have to put it inside a pretty picnic basket or box because it just makes me happy to do so. Then I have to take photos of it and share with you all because sharing is caring.

I do laugh at myself after the fact but find it all worth it. Here are some thoughts about practicing the art of crabbing.

Must Haves:
- easy going people who are doers
- 3-4 hours of your day (early morning or late afternoon)
- a good attitude
- luck and patience

Art of the Moment:
- enjoying the road trip
- standing still and feeling the water
- watching the kids swim and laugh
- observing other people fishing
- jumping when you can feel a crab crawling across your feet
- yelling real loud when you catch your crab ever
- smiling at your bucket of good eats
- enjoying the crabs with family and friends
- eating and talking til midnight

Inside Styling Box:


Some Resources:
Surfside Beach, Texas
Blue Crab Fishing in Texas

With gratitude,