As of lately, I have been fascinated by the "behind the scenes" of both weddings and marriage. For weddings, the magic happens behind the scenes when a team of passionate creatives come together to perfect their craft for a greater purpose. As a planner, I have an opportunity to orchestrate key moments of the day which gives me valuable insights into simple yet helpful tips and tools. 

Tip: A detailed timeline empowers vendors to do their best work.  

Proper preparation and clear communication makes everyone happier. Eliminate assumptions and uncertainty by having a call or meeting with your vendors at least a month before your wedding day.  Get a good understanding of what makes life easier for them and don't forget to provide meals. Take care of your vendors as they will be working hard to take care of you both. 

Develop a detailed timeline specific to vendors for your wedding day to include such things as: meeting location addresses, parking instructions, loading area, requirements from vendors, key wedding moments, working hours appropriate to vendor contracts, break-time and vendor meals, etc. A final timeline version is then signed off by everyone to ensure all are on the same page.

Nerdy planner moment: vendor communication and timeline development are two of my favorite planning items. Love meeting and working with creative professionals, simplifying details to empower others, translating the bride + groom's vision with specific actions, and providing a blueprint (timeline) of the wedding day to bring your vision to life.

More tips to share next week!

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Behind the scenes of a healthy marriage: kindness and generosity.  Imagine how excited I was to come across studies done by psychologists showing kindness (with emotional stability) as the most important attribute for a solid marriage! Kindness does not mean you don't get angry or act like everything is perfect. It just means you choose how you want to express your emotions with good intentions and compassion. Instead of being defensive, critical, disrespectful, or stonewalling (shutting off) your make effort to discuss your concerns. It is a much kinder way of handling arguments and differences in a relationship.

Generosity is practiced by focusing on things that can be appreciated instead of looking for things to criticize. Loving with a grateful heart folks! Look for things your significant other is doing right. I grew up seeing the opposite, which in many ways has helped me become more aware that kindness and gratitude requires a conscious effort on a daily basis. Be married!

Reference: The Mind Unleashed

With gratitude,