Have you ever known anyone within a short period of time and grew to love them so much for their big hearts? Let me introduce you to Vicky and Michael. I had the great pleasure of meeting these two lovebirds during my Ironman adventures last year. Remember when I told you all about the amazing people I met who changed my life? well these two are one of those people. It was during the summer of last year when my brother was struggling to find himself and got into a bad motorcycle accident. Thankfully his injuries were superficial, giving him a second chance in life. without hesitation, Vicky and michael, who are anesthetists by profession, gave us medical advice and necessary supplies to get us through months of recovery. Vicky came to our house and cleaned my brother's wounds. Like a guardian angel, she helped healed us.  

So when we were unable to attend Vicky and Michael's wedding in Vegas last year, nothing we could give them materialistically could be special enough. My husband Ly and I decided to give them the gift of good eats, company, and memories. so about a month after their wedding, We hosted an intimate "post party" here in Houston at our house just to celebrate Vicky and Michael.

Photography by April Keh (vegas)

Photography by April Keh (vegas)

Here are some "post wedding" party photos of their big day. It was an intimate gathering of maybe 50 adults and countless kiddos (how we were able to have a sit down dinner fit in our modest living room, I have no idea). The ladies wore black dresses with red lipstick and the gents showed up with black bow ties. It is quite unusual to see our team of triathletes so dressed up. My heart was full as I saw the joy in Vicky and Michael's smile, the sound of laughter all night long, and the impromptu ipad karaoke til 2 am. 

behind the scenes:

i started the planning process by thinking about the couple and their sense of style and personalities. something simple with a touch of glam and boldness came to mind. I Then searched for personalized wedding decor (signage) to make the event more special. Practicing simple living, I borrowed tables from my sister in law and used linens donated to aprettybox from my friend Julia. the trick is to use what you have and fill your intimate space with lots of candles and fresh flowers. elegance is having grace and style which can be achieved effortlessly with a simple black dress and red lipstick don't you think? Getting the guys to dress up is the most impressive task of the night in my opinion. good times!

last but not least, the bride and groom with their big hearts came with a gift in support of aprettybox's wedding planning adventures! My heart is full for the amazing people in our lives. congrats Vicky and Michael! welcome to the married life.

Inspiration box:

Planning/Design/Photography: aprettybox
art signs: art by hearts prints
printing: lpprinting
flowers: central market
cake truffles (courtesy of anniecat): milkbarstore
cake/desserts: heb
food: bodard bistro
chair rental: american rental all 
supplies: hobby lobby