Beer + cappuccino makes for a great match because opposites really do attract. We have eleven years of marriage to prove it. Plenty of bumpy roads and annoying arguments about things we hardly remember about, yet we balance each other with our strengths and weaknesses. We are like cat and mouse, constantly picking at each other with the utmost respect. It's kinda fun at times until one of us gets ugly. Like I cry he gets mad. He gets mad I cry. Wouldn't it be funny if our roles were reversed? Anyways, back to the significance of eleven years of marriage. I observed it is truly about showing up and loving each other at our best and worse. Each day is a milestone, not to be taken for granted. I believe growing old together as best friends is the ultimate gift of marriage. Here is a little storybook (using the awesome steller app) of our anniversary day, simply thankful for time together.

With gratitude,