Intimate family gatherings is What I love most about the holiday season. the loud conversations, laughter, teasing, and crazy talk makes for fun and real memories. Potluck is a good way to let family experiment with new dishes or share old favorites. lingering all day to eat and give thanks to family is ultimately the best part of it all.

This year Thanksgiving was hosted at our house with a formal sit down dining experience. Special thanks to Uncle Long for making this possible! Our theme was inspired by natural elegance + rustic (countryside) fall colors. Here are some simple planning tips and photos to inspire intimate gatherings this holiday season!

5 Simple Planning Tips:

  1. Collect what you love. If you enjoy hosting events at your house, collect items that make you happy. If you like the natural look, pick items with natural elements like wood, linen, burlap, etc. Add a rustic fall touch by picking table cloths or decor details with colors inspired by falling leaves outside. other alternatives are to borrow from close friends and family or rent from party planning boutiques.
  2. Involve your family. get the kids and relatives involved in your planning. My daughters and I spent countless hours making coffee filter flowers while pretending to cook for customers. my husband's uncle graciously ordered all the rental items for our party, making our formal sit down set up possible. our cousin has a passion for baking and provided all the macarons. Love her green tea one best! my in laws cooked the turkey and all the sides from scratch.
  3. Use what you got. I gathered foliage from our front yard and used it to line our table centerpieces. It gave me a reason to be outside to clean up our (out of control) shrubs and it didn't cost a thing. Look around your house to see what you already have. No need to spend more money if you don't have.
  4. Add fresh flowers. pick up some fresh flowers on your own or have your local florist design small centerpieces with different size vases and spread it around your house. Nothing is more beautiful than fresh flowers in my opinion.
  5. Enjoy the day. Preparing for a special event that you care a lot about takes effort and time. Stay focus on the meaning and purpose of the occasion, and remember to enjoy the day. Do as much work as you can in advance, so when everyone arrives you can let go and be part of the celebrations. No point in having a beautiful set up if you totally missed the day worrying about the little things.

inspiration box:

Rental: American Rent All
flowers: aprettybox
desserts: HEB
printouts: tom kat printables (free)
coffee filter flowers: two shades of pink blog
planning + photography: aprettybox
ham: honeybaked ham
macarons: home baked by cousin Phuong
turkey/sides: all home cooked by family
pretty dress: a gift from my good friends, the kims

With gratitude,